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Marie Muhr endorses Fundstack
Marie Muhr
Head of Operations, Speedinvest

“Fundstack helped us to migrate our biggest chunk of data and to rebuild one of our core processes in a very short amount of time."

Allowing Speedinvest to Operate Across the Globe

Speedinvest is a leading early-stage Venture Capital investor, operating in the UK, the US, Austria, Germany, and Russia.

As Speedinvest became a global operation, it became increasingly difficult for their teams to manage pipelines and relationships effectively despite over 3 years of them using SalesforceIQ CRM for Venture Capital fund management.

The team can now seamlessly collaborate across geographic barriers and time zones, sharing one set of pipeline and relationship data for all employees while using a beautiful, easy-to-use interface.

Fundstack smoothly migrated all of Speedinvest's previous SalesforceIQ data, allowing Speedinvest to continue operation without a hitch.

Chris Smith endorses Fundstack
Chris Smith
Partner, Playfair Capital

“Fundstack is a fantastic way of managing a large pipeline of deals and has allowed us to automate a lot of our key workflows, saving time and reducing duplications."

Automating Playfair's Workflow

Playfair Capital is an early-stage fund based in London. Playfair combines the best aspects of angel investing with a focused fund, to invest in truly ambitious founders.

Playfair previously used Copper CRM but found that they struggled to automate the addition of inbound deals and visually represent their pipeline.

After migrating to Fundstack's deal flow management solution Playfair found that the seamless integration with Typeform was exactly what their inbound automation needed.

Moreover, the beautiful Kanban view and easy to use user interface made their transition incredibly smooth.

Chrys Chrysanthou endorses Fundstack
Chrys Chrysanthou
Partner, Kindred Capital

“It's refreshing to have a beautifully designed and easy to use product, built for workflow management, rather than trying to use existing CRM products that never met our needs.”

Accelerating Kindred's Processes While Reducing Complexity

Based in London, Kindred Capital is an early stage Venture Capital fund investing across Europe.

Kindred's growing Venture Capital team had been using Streak CRM. As their team expanded, they struggled to fit their workflow management process around Streak CRM - they wanted a solution that was specifically built for their workflow.

Fundstack migrated all their deal flow data, both from Streak CRM and other locations, cleaning and enriching the data it in the process.

Fundstack’s versatile Chrome extension enabled them to access, track, and add companies into their pipeline management software on the fly.

Kindred's team are now fully integrated with Fundstack.

Robert Dighero endorses Fundstack
Robert Dighero
Partner, Passion Capital

“Fundstack has greatly improved how we operate as a team. It has given us a central source of truth for pipeline and relationship management from which we can draw upon to make our decision process as effective as possible.”

Reducing Passion Capital's Operational Inefficiencies

Passion Capital is an early-stage Venture Capital firm based in London. They have an impressive track record including GoCardless, Digital Shadows, and Monzo.

Passion Capital experienced significant difficulty in creating a central point of information for their pipelines and relationships, both of which were large and hard to manage. Information inefficiencies were costing them time and money.

Passion initially created their own software solution for pipeline and relationship management but ongoing maintenance and improvements were slow and expensive.

Since Fundstack is built specifically for Venture Capital and Private Equity pipeline and relationship management, the conversion was easy. All of Passion Capital’s data was enriched and migrated seamlessly; they have been avid users ever since.

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