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A comprehensive list of all the features on our platform

Fundstack features include deal flow management and company data enrichment

Onboarding, Migration and Support

Platform Customization

During the onboarding process we'll help you set-up your Fundstack account so it's customized to your firms processes and integrated with your existing tools.

User Onboarding Sessions

Using Fundstack is easy and intuitive. Your team won't need much training but we'll walk everyone through the platform to ensure you get the most out of Fundstack from day one.

Data Migration

We will migrate your existing data into Fundstack, enriching and adding data points during the process.

Ongoing Support

You'll get a dedicated relationship mananger, access to the whole team via email (support@fundstack.com) and use of our extensive support center.

Deal Flow

Drag and Drop Kanban Pipeline

Fundstack's drag and drop pipeline and makes it incredibly easy to take stock of your current pipeline.

Fully Customizable Views

Views are fully customizable so you only see the information you need, when you need it.

Data Enrichment

Adding companies is as simple as entering their name. Fundstack eliminates data entry by auto populating and enriching your company and contact data.


Easily filter your view to just show just the deals, organizations and contacts your interested in. Filters are easy to save and share.


Fundstack's powerful export features let you export data into formatted Excel files or CSV.

Set Stage Time Limits

Avoid deal stagnation by setting time limits that notify you when a deal has been in a stage too long.

Require Comments

Ensure that a deals history is fully documented by requiring a comment when a deal reaches certain stages.

Company and Contact Management

Rich Profiles

Rich company profiles with logos, descriptions, social links, geo-location and legal data.

Company and Contact Timelines

Each company and contact has its own timeline, showing the full history of your relationship, interactions and documents.

Natural Language Tasks

Ensure nothing gets missed by creating and assigning tasks to colleagues using natural language.

Multiple Funds and Teams

Assign companies and contacts to multiple funds and teams.


Take organising to the next level with customizable company and contact lists.


Add rich-text notes to company and contacts. We also integrate with Evernote.

Assign Owners

Assign deals to an owner and add support team members to ensure the right people are kept up to date.

Track Deal Originations

Easily record and track deal origination allowing you to leverage your most valuable connections.

Track Funding Rounds

Keep track of funding rounds by storing round sizes, funding types, valuations, series etc.

Centralised Conversations

Start conversations with your colleagues in the company timeline keeping the whole team abreast and @tagging colleagues to notify them.

Email Integration

Full Integration

Full email integration available for all major email providers.

Email Forwarding

Forward emails into Fundstack to attach them to companies and contacts.

Email Commands

Email commands allow you to easily change company statuses, assign to colleagues and create tasks when forwarding emails to the platform.

Automatic Email Linking

Fundstack automatically links emails to the relevant companies and people.

Attachment Capture

Attachments are automatically linked to the relevant companies or people and can added to their respective folders in your cloud storage.

Access Fundstack In Your Gmail Inbox

Access and update all key information from Fundstack without leaving your Gmail Inbox.

Cloud Storage Integration

Fits To Your Workflow

Fundstack integrates seamlessly with Dropbox, Box and Google Drive.

Automatic Organization

Files are automatically organised as companies move through your pipeline.

Centralised Source

All documents related to a company are stored centrally and accessible by the whole team whilst honoring privacy settings.


Native iOS App

Never need to ask “have we seen this company” with our full featured native iOS app.

Gmail Integration

Access Fundstack from your Gmail inbox.

Zapier Integration

Fundstack's Zapier app let you connect with 1000s of other tools.

Chrome Extension

Access, add and edit companies right from their website with our Chrome extension.


Fundstack has a fully featured RESTful API enabling further integration with outside tools or workflows.

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