Integrate with Fundstack and Create a Central Source of Truth

Fundstack has been designed to easily integrate with your exisiting tools to enhance your pipeline and relationship management.

Email + Fundstack

Fundstack can syncronize with your email in real-time to provide incredible insight into your pipeline process and relationships.

Your workflow insight is shared across your team so you're always in sync with your colleagues.

Fundstack integrates with Gmail and Outlook email

Chrome & Gmail + Fundstack

Fundstack's Chrome Extension puts Fundstack inside Chrome and Gmail. Without leaving a company's website or your Gmail inbox you can initiate and update deals, tasks, and notes within your pipelines.

Fundstack's Chrome extension integrates with Chrome and Gmail

Zapier + Fundstack

Zapier allows you to connect your Fundstack pipelines to 1000s of applications and automate more of your workflow management.

Fundstack uses Zapier for custom integrations

Cloud Storage + Fundstack

Fundstack has deep integrations with Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, allowing you to continue using your existing Cloud Storage Provider.

Permissions in this applications will also be respected so you can continue to use your existing sharing and access permissions.

Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive integrate with Fundstack's file storage

Fundstack API

Get even more from the tools you rely on. Configure Fundstack for your team’s unique pipeline and relationship management with the Fundstack API.

Fundstack's API allows custom integrations

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Join the ranks of leading funds and see what Fundstack can do for your pipeline and relationship management.

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